Jerry Saltz Weighs In on the Selfie

In the Feb 3rd issue of New York Magazine, art critic and Bravo's Work of Art judge Jerry Saltz tackles the selfie, opining on why it isn't going anywhere, on its merits, and even guesstimating its future. Check it out here. And here's what he had to say about selfies in the future (though he'd opt to replace the term "selfie," I've grown quite used to the word):


It’s easy to project that, with only small changes in technology and other platforms, we will one day see amazing masters of the form. We’ll see selfies of ordeal, adventure, family history, sickness, and death. There will be full-size lifelike animated holographic selfies (can’t wait to see what porn does with that!), pedagogical and short-story selfies. There could be a selfie-Kafka. We will likely make great selfies—but not until we get rid of the stupid-sounding, juvenile, treacly name.