Art Form or Visual Update: PBS Idea Channel Takes on the Selfie

Do you consider the selfie an actual photograph, and thus, subject to critique as an art form? Or is it mere visual communication, the equivalent of a visual tweet? In a recent YouTube video posted by PBS Idea Channel, the host tackles this very question, deeming the selfie "an important and meaningful snapshot of the present," before tackling why so many revile the selfie. It's an entertaining and insightful few minutes. Check it out. 

Personally, I view the selfie as a hybrid of the two. While there are plenty of silly, mundane selfies—as there are status updates—selfies (or the better ones, anyway) convey time, place, emotion. They can have intent, and thus, meaning. 

When the early social media adopters first started posting status updates, there was backlash against such posts. Same as with tweets. Over time, updates just became acceptable, commonplace occurrences in our everyday. I'm of the belief that the selfie is the visual update, misunderstood, yet soon to be as pervasive and enduring.